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While divorce is an emotionally upsetting and stressful experience, it's critical that you not become a financial victim of your divorce settlement. Too often, whether due to emotional exhaustion or an incomplete understanding of the legal and financial issues involved, people agree to a divorce settlement they later find to be unfair or onerous. At the law office of Greshin Ziegler & Amicizia, our divorce attorneys alert clients to important pre and post-divorce financial issues, as well as what legal rights and obligations are at stake. Since the taxable income of you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse will both be effected, it is important to evaluate your post-divorce financial situation. Towards this end, our office consults accountants and divorce financial planners, addressing financial concerns early in the process in order to protect your interests and leverage your case in any settlement talks or negotiations.

For more information regarding divorce in the state of New York and how you can protect the interests of yourself and your children, contact divorce lawyers at Greshin Ziegler & Amicizia today.

Divorce - Understanding what's Involved

The law office of Greshin Ziegler & Amicizia represents clients in regard to the following issues related to divorce:

  • Child custody
  • Child / spousal support
  • Division of marital assets
  • Valuation of closely held businesses
  • Restraining orders
  • Division of debt
  • Tax issues
  • Parenting plan / visitation

Steps You can Take Now to Protect Yourself

If you plan on getting a divorce or suspect your spouse may be planning to file for one, make a copy of as many financial documents as you can, including bank statements, credit card bills, stocks and bonds, and retirement funds. Additionally, check with your insurance agent or investment broker to determine if any unusual changes or additions have occurred to life insurance policies and commonly held stock. While a forensic accountant and investigator can often uncover attempts on the part of a spouse to hide assets or transfer property, the investigation can be expensive and time consuming.

Not Sure what to Do? Contact Greshin Ziegler & Amicizia

If the prospect of divorce is overwhelming, contact divorce lawyers at Greshin Ziegler & Amicizia today. We can take action immediately to secure investments, bank accounts, and the custody of your children before your spouse can create difficult legal hurdles that place you at a disadvantage.

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