Selected Verdicts And Settlements


The following list contains selected verdicts and settlements on recent cases in which attorneys from Greshin, Ziegler & Amicizia P.C. have recovered money damages for clients. Results often speak louder than words. In addition to money damages, our attorneys have won significant landmark appellate decisions that have advanced the cause of all citizens who have suffered significant injuries.

Dental Malpractice

In a case involving the extraction of wisdom teeth by an oral surgeon, the doctor severed the lingual nerves on both sides of the mouth, causing our client to lose the sense of taste and all feeling in her tongue. A Suffolk County jury awarded $750,000 for these damages. This was the largest verdict on record for this type of injury.

Medical Malpractice

After two weeks of trial, we obtained a settlement of $250,000 for a client who suffered from undiagnosed Lyme Disease.

We secured a settlement for the estate of an elderly man who was in the hospital for treatment of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. While in the hospital, he contracted a strep infection that attacked and destroyed the retinas of both eyes, leaving him permanently and irreversibly blind. We claimed that the doctors failed to promptly diagnose and treat the infection. Unfortunately, he died from the cancer within a short time after becoming blind. This limited his damage recovery, but we were still able to obtain a settlement recovery for his widow of $250,000.

Automobile Accidents

In an accident in which our client’s car was broadsided, we successfully argued that the other driver was so negligent that a trial was not required. An appellate court affirmed the decision of the Supreme Court, Nassau County, granting us a judgment on liability. In a settlement just prior to the trial on damages, we recovered $1.8 Million for our client, who suffered multiple fractures to her wrist and ankle, causing her to be permanently disabled.

In an unusual set of facts, our client was injured in an auto accident, and was taken from the scene of the accident to a local hospital for spinal surgery. While he was in the hospital recovering from surgery, he was assaulted by a hospital employee and rendered permanently disabled – unable to walk for more than a few steps, without assistance. The issues at trial involved separating the effects of the auto accident from the hospital assault and determining the extent to which the hospital was responsible for the actions of its employee. After a two-week trial, a jury in Queens County, NY, rendered a verdict in favor of our client for $1.25 Million.

In an accident in which our client’s car was broadsided by a motorcycle, the motorcycle owner had only a $25,000 insurance policy. We were able to locate additional insurance policies from the driver of the motorcycle and the driver’s business, which permitted our client to recover a settlement of $465,000 for her injuries.

Legal Malpractice

We represented a condominium developer who relied on his lawyer to keep track of when the condominium “Offering Plan” had to be amended. The lawyer failed to timely amend the Offering Plan because the firm did not have proper safeguards in place to alert them when the Plan was due to expire. Our client received a settlement of $375,000.

Slip and Fall Injuries

We secured a settlement of $175,000 for a client who was jogging in a public park and fell into a hole cause by the removal by vandals of a covering for the sprinkler system controls. The client suffered severe and permanent knee injuries. This settlement was procured despite substantial defenses asserted by the municipal defendant.

Engineering/ Architect Malpractice

We successfully defended an engineer sued for malpractice by discrediting the Plaintiff’s expert witness. Our pre-trial discovery disclosed that the Plaintiff’s expert had had his license suspended for gross neglect. We offered evidence of the suspension on cross-examination of the expert. This thorough pre-trial preparation totally discredited the expert and resulted in a verdict in favor of our client.

In another trial, we obtained the complete dismissal of a claim against an architect who designed an office building for a physician, specializing in treating allergy and asthma patients. The basement of the building flooded because of a high water table in the area, which the doctor claimed caused mold, rendering the entire building unfit for his practice.

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